The Last Theme You Need to Learn

We have built what we believe is the easiest theme to use, with tons of customizability, and features that users are only used to getting in a paid or premium theme. We have been building themes for 5 years, and we have learnt so much about what users want, what works and what is trivial. Therefore, we have put together everything we have learned, and built Buildr from the ground up, making it the all-in-one theme, that is light weight, fast, easy to use, with an unbelievable amount of customizability.

A Theme for Everyone

With Buildr, you can create a professional website in minutes, and customize it to your liking. The theme’s optional¬†One-Click Import system allows you to pick what preset suits your needs as a starting point. This automatically imports the widgets and the customizer settings that we have spent hours creating, so you do not have to, allowing you to focus more on your website content, rather than the design. Buildr’s presets are hand-crafted, pixel-perfect professional presets, ensuring your site will look amazing, with minimal effort. Additionally, you can try out different presets, and fine-tune anything you want to change.

Advanced WordPress Users & Developers

If you build websites professionally for your clients, you will find that with Buildr, you will save yourself tons of time creating websites. Buildr takes the headache out of creating a website, as it utilizes WordPress’s core Widgets API and templates, allowing you to use it’s Drag & Drop Page Builder to create creative and unique pages, and preview your changes live, until you’re ready to publish. We know that installing a new theme always demands your time to get used to how the theme works. With Buildr, everything you’re working with, is built into WordPress, there are no complicated plugins to learn, and no heavy frameworks being loaded.

One Theme, Many Unique Sites

Initially when we started building the Buildr theme, our goal was to create a theme that we can use to create all of our future client projects, using the same theme. Thus eliminating the learning curve that comes with theme switching, and standardizing on the way that we do things, in order to save time. We loved this approach so much that we decided to release this theme for free, so that the entire WordPress community can benefit from what Buildr has to offer, and hopefully create something amazing using this theme.

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