Sell Online with Buildr & WooCommerce

Do you need a website that allows you to sell online with ease? If so, odds are you’re either already familiar with WooCommerce, or you’re about to learn it, because basically, any search you do online regarding selling online on WordPress, will lead you to WooCommerce. It is by far the most popular shopping cart software in the world, due to it’s ease of use and setup.

Buildr is integrated with WooCommerce from the ground up. With Buildr, you can install the WooCommerce plugin, set up your store page, and Buildr will handle the rest. Out of the box, you will get a pixel-perfect shop page, which allows you to hand-pick featured products, and display the rest of your products in an searchable & filterable grid. Additionally, Buildr’s cart is unique, it is inviting, and it makes for a great shopping experience that your customers will appreciate.

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